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Archive for March, 2012

An Interview with Ron St. Jean, ICMG’s 2012 Kampe Award Recipient

At the ICMG Annual Meeting last month, ICMG recognized its first Executive Director, Ron St. Jean, with the L. Don Kampe Lifetime Achievement Award. I had the chance to sit with Ron and hear how ICMG has changed – and how it has stayed the same – over its 28 years supporting insurance strategic alliances. […]

Medicare Myths

Bob Laszewski of Health Policy and Strategy Associates (ICMG’s closing speaker last month in Phoenix) brought to my attention a Washington Post op-ed on “Five Myths About Medicare” by John Rother, President and Chief Executive of the nonprofit National Coalition on Health Care. Here’s a link to Bob’s blog post: . The original article is linked at the […]

“No one is going to take over this business…”

“No one is going to take over this business… and no one is going to be run out of this business.” That’s how Bob Laszewski began his Closing Keynote presentation on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the 2012 ICMG Annual Meeting. Although Bob made it clear that there will be changes and challenges, his message was upbeat […]