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Carrier and MGA Offer Perspectives on ICMG Membership

ICMG recently released a  short video called ICMG Perspectives: Carrier and MGA Value Proposition in which Bob Morhauser of National Guardian Life, ICMG’s 2012 Marketing Co-Chair, interviews two  members about the different value propositions ICMG membership offers to these different company types.

Arny Henkel with Ameritas Life provides the insurance carrier perspective, citing that for him,

  • ICMG is a good forum for reaching a carrier’s target audience for alliances, with a focus primarily on networking.
  • Member Profiles, more than just contact information, describe each member’s niche to help identify potential alliance partners.
  • Members can reach one another all year long – ads, blogs, newsletter, etc., allow members to build relationships throughout the industry between annual meetings.
  • The ICMG Annual Meeting is really different from other industry meetings. It’s all focused around networking.

Justin Snapp with The Marketing Alliance cites ICMG’s unique value for businesses like his:

  • It can bring similar businesses (eg, national marketing organizations) together that happen to work in different industries, such as health, med supp, long term care, etc. That’s a difference from the other conferences geared toward a specific industry.
  • It’s an open forum to network and share information across industries to help grow your business and generate ideas and alliances.

ICMG’s Marketing Committee has been looking more closely at the various segments of ICMG membership – what unique value does your company type get from ICMG?

Another point made in the video is the multi-year aspect of relationship building. How long do you expect to build relationships before accomplishing a new alliance?

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