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Supreme Court Ruling Creates Urgency for Carriers’ State Exchange Planning

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) occured during production of the ICMG Exchange newsletter summer issue. ICMG Editorial Committee member Robin Depenbrock, Vice President of Marketing and National Sales, HealthPlan Services, worked overnight to enable ICMG to include this important topic in the issue. We appreciate her extraordinary efforts!

The article, which will be mailed and emailed to members over the next couple of weeks, notes that the decision increases pressure on insurance companies to meet the Oct. 1, 2013 open enrollment date.

“While the verdict confirmed the formation of state insurance exchanges, it did not eliminate the challenges carriers face in preparing for all the new insurance reforms and in parallel, getting ready to integrate with each unique state exchange,” Depenbrock noted. “Ultimately, outsourcing [to a partner with a “plug and play” solution spanning multiple states] will allow carriers to address each state’s operating model, increasing the level of participation in state exchanges and decreasing the headache on the back end.”

Watch your mail and email for the summer issue, which has this ACA article on the cover and an “Ask ICMG” column on the impact of ACA on ICMG member companies, along with information about ICMG’s recent Strategic Alliances Survey Report and the upcoming Annual Meeting, January 29-31, 2013, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Members – participation is encouraged here! Add your comments below to let us know how the ICMG network can help address current carrier needs with regard to ACA.

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