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“NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE” – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

It’s cold in Chicago and, although it is a badge of courage here to tough it out, I am looking forward to thawing out at ICMG’s 30th Annual Meeting in Arizona.  Besides, it is getting a little crazy here as Cub fans figure it must be their year for a World Series when they see […]

Telemedicine: An Affordable Addition to Healthcare 2014

Looking for something new to offer your clients?  This may be the industry’s next big thing. If you haven’t heard about this brand of medicine, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.  There are a number of providers currently active in this space. While this arena embodies a lot of different aspects – this post […]

He Who Markets Best Will Win the Day!

For years now the Federal Government has focused all the open enrollment activity for Medicare Advantage into an ever narrowing window of time that begins October 1st.  So, unless you are still working past 65, and there are more and more consumers opting in to this lifestyle, you only have one shot at MA each […]

Taking a Seat at the Private Exchange Table

The introduction of private exchanges as a new alternative in the marketplace offers a unique opportunity for agents to position themselves competitively for the future. In the wake of uncertainties and fears over how public exchanges will impact customer base and revenue streams, agents should consider how to leverage a private exchange offering to their […]